Thursday, May 26, 2005

The preparations continue...

I don't really have any reason to post today, but I feel bad for those I have told to watch my blog even though I haven't been posting. I will try to keep posting occaisionally up until I leave, though I may not have much to say.

Things are slowly starting to fall into place for my internship in Yokosuka. Takahashi-san (my contact person at city hall in Yokosuka) has informed me he will pick me up at the airport when I arrive on June 6. They are going to put me up in a hotel my first night somewhere in downtown Yokosuka so I can get a feel for the city. Takahashi-san will then meet me in the morning and we will walk over together to city hall. To me, this sounds like an excellent way to relax away some of my jet lag and pre-job anxiety. I don' t really have too much of the latter, but I'm sure I'll have a bit as the time to start working approaches.

All I can really say now is that I'm really looking forward to getting overseas and getting to work! As long as this avian bird flu thing they're talking about in the news doesn't spread to Japan or Taiwan, I should be fine. (Knock on wood)


Holly Haycraft said...

Hi, My name is Holly Haycraft and I have spent about 3 weeks in Japan in Tokyo and Tokorazawa(sp.) I enjoyed it so much, and I am looking forward to going back again some day. I love Japan and the Japanese culture. I hope you have a great time, and enjoy yourself. Currently I am an intern in the City Managers office of Springfield, MO.

Dan (the boy) Ervin said...

Strader, you nutty guy. That picture of yours on this website is hi-larious.
When you look at it in the smaller size you look like a normal person, but if you look at it full screen all of the sudden you see the deranged, psychopathic look that you have on your face.

Anyway, have fun in Japan. Don't ruin too many Japanese ladies. They just can't cope with the white-guy dope, if you know what I'm sayin'.