Thursday, September 08, 2005

First monkey sighting!!!

Taiwanese monkey on campus in a tree between my dorm and the cafeteria

I saw my first monkey today! Yeah! I was eating some really greasy noodles mixed with pork bones (not the best thing I have had here) at the cafeteria, when Ken (my exchange buddy) yelled, "Monkey!!!" I turned to see a pretty big monkey jump into the tree out front. I ran to my dorm room to get my camera and made it back to snap this picture. Sorry it's not the greatest shot in the world, but he was pretty far up the tree by the time I got back, so this picture is fully zoomed.

Well, enough of this excitement. I am in my dorm now and it seems like a lot of people are moving in today. My roommates still aren't here, but I am supposed to have one foreign roommate (a Canadian). We have international student orientation tomorrow, so I assume he's going to show up some time today, but we'll see. In the meantime, I am blaring my stereo until they get here (enjoy it while you can!) and waiting for the phone company guys. I have a cell phone, but I am trying to get a phone up for my room. It's going to be for incoming calls only. It's more expensive to call a Taiwanese cell phone from abroad and my reception is terrible in my room, anyway, so I will post my room number later if anyone wants to call.

Not much other news to report now. I am going to dinner with an American friend tonight and I have orientation tomorrow. So I will probably just take it easy the rest of the day. I will keep my eyes out for more monkeys, though.