Tuesday, July 26, 2005


That means I was majorly disappointed last night. The typhoon changed course and we hardly had any rain at all! I was looking forward to watching a windy downpour from my back window, but it just rained steadily for an hour or so. The typhoon hit eastern Chiba Prefecture, then turned and went out to sea. What a bummer!

I started working on my presentation today. I have to give a 40 minute presentation (all in Japanese) next a week from tomorrow in Tokyo in front of some people from CLAIR (the Council of Local Authorities for International Relations). I think it will take me all of the next week to get it done and how I want it. I am making an English version and a Japanese version at the same time, so if anyone is interested, I can e-mail you a copy of either when I am done. It will be a power point with pictures and a brief summary of my findings and experience here in Yokosuka.

Lunch time!


mom said...

Yeah - I'd like to see your presentation! Put me down for one!

Holly said...

Yeah, I would like to see the presentation too, maybe in english and Japanese. You can email it to me at, hhaycraft@ci.springfield.mo.us