Tuesday, August 09, 2005

You get what you ask for!

Ha ha ha!!! Yes, Ross, I know I suck, but now you have to read what took me more than 2 hours to write! And I am still not done!

Well, I have added three long posts that get me caught up through the beginning of last weekend. Tomorrow I will wrap up what happened last week and on Thursday I will talk about my week at the Health and Welfare Department. This weekend I will get around to loading pictures on flickr again, so by the end of the weekend I should be more or less caught up. That's good, because I have to start making travel plans for Osaka, packing stuff to send home, and getting ready for Taiwan.

It's hard to believe that my time in Japan is winding down in three weeks. Well, I don't want to get all teary-eyed yet, so maybe I will save reflections for when I am in Taiwan.

By the way, the following three posts are in reverse chronological order. If you want to read them as they happened, go down to the one about the jazz concert and work your way up.

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Adam said...

You're going to Taiwan? Goddamn, Strader, pick a country and stay there, for once!